The Cup can return the public to the Second Division stadiums

The Cup can return the public to the Second Division stadiums

The Cup can return the public to the Second Division stadiums


On at 23:28 CET

Jordi Roura


Girona transfers Transfers Cádiz


Copa del Rey





Muric; Yan Couto (76 ‘Skull), Ramalho, Bernardo, Arnau; Ibrahima Kébé, Cristóforo, Samu Saiz (Pau Víctor 76 ‘), Valery, Yoel Bárcenas and Nahuel Bustos (Stuani 64′)


David Gil; Fali, Saturday, Akapo (Iza 70 ‘), Marc Baró; Garrido (Álex Fernández 60 ‘), Bodiger, Pombo (Malvasic 60’); Jairo (Perea 70 ‘), Adekanye (Ivan Alejo 60’), Álvaro Giménez


1-0 M.48 Valery; 2-0 M.58 Valery.


Pizarro Gómez (from Madrid). T.A .: Kebe (82 ‘), Stuani (84’) / Erimuya (26 ‘).


Estadi Montilivi.

After a soporific first half, Girona was encouraged in the second and put much more interest in winning than Cádiz. Valery sentenced the start (minutes 48 and 57). In 1-0 Ibra, one of the best of the locals, recovered a ball in the three-quarter zone, gave it to Bustos and he gave an inside pass to Valery, who did not forgive. Francisco’s men were much superior and found a reward, again, in Valery’s boots, when Samu made a great play on the right, crossed, and the Girona-born shot after Nahuel let the ball pass.

Rayo Vallecano-Elche is played at 10:00 p.m. in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas

Scare with a happy ending for Valladolid

Abelardo debuts with Almería’s hand

With the 2-0, Cádiz gave entry to Malvasic, Ivan Alejo and Álex Fernández. Francisco gave minutes to Stuani, recovered from the annoyances, and that touched the third one shortly from the end. Cádiz, who had to regret Akapo’s injury in the second half, did not appear.

Elche makes its debut this Saturday in the First Division competition, to which it returns five years later, with a project still under construction against a Real Sociedad that, after two draws, is looking for its first victory in the League.

Sep 26, 2020 at 08:06 CEST


The team from Elche faces this highly conditioned commitment, since its recent promotion, just a month ago, forced a profound remodeling of its squad that is still far from being completed, while Real Sociedad wants to hook up with the leading group from the beginning.

The provisional status of Elche is of such magnitude that it will not even be able to count on its new coach, Jorge Almirón, on the bench, since the Argentine still does not have the license to train in Europe, so it will be his second, Jesús Muñoz, the who is on the bench.

Some of the signings, such as Argentine Boyé, have only been in session with the group, while his compatriot Sánchez Miño is also ruled out due to bureaucratic issues. Colombian Jeison Lucomí and Josemi Sánchez will be in the call despite having only worked a couple of sessions with the group.

Therefore, Almirón will rely on this League debut in the block that achieved promotion, with some reinforcement in defense, such as the right back Cifu, or Raúl Guti and Morente in the midfield. Nino and Pere Milla, the heroes of the promotion, will be the offensive referents.

The objective of the Elche team, which appeals to the illusion of the debutant, is to offer a good image and add in the league premiere, something that historically costs Elche in their returns to First Division.

Real Sociedad visits Martínez Valero with the discharge of Willian José, absent against Real Madrid due to the coronavirus, with the aim of achieving his first victory in the championship, after the two draws achieved in the first days.

The Basques offered a better image in the tie against the Madrid team last weekend, but they are still short of goals and that is why the presence of Brazilian can be decisive in that regard.

La Real maintains the casualties in their midfield of Jon Guridi, Igor Zubeldia, Asier Illarramendi and Luca Sangalli and also the defender Joseba Zaldua is still injured, so Andoni Gorosabel will occupy his side, while on the left wing there may be changes with the entry of Nacho Monreal, called up but did not play against Real Madrid.

The defensive improvement observed against the white team suggests that the center of the defense will continue to be made up of Aritz and Le Normand, since the Basques do not have many troops in the axis of the rear after the departure of Diego Llorente, waiting for reinforcements in the coming days.

David Silva has completed the week of training and is progressing in his fitness process, which is why he is included in the call-up, but the question remains whether Imanol Alguacil sees him prepared to play the game from the start.

Martínez Valero has not been a good field for the Gipuzkoans, who since 2010, when they were promoted to the First Division, have traveled to the city of Elche three times with two defeats and a draw as balance.

Probable lineups:

Elche: Edgar Badía; Cifu, Gonzalo Verdú, Dani Calvo, Josema; Tete Morente, Nuke Mfulu, Raúl Guti, Fidel Chaves; Nino and Pere Milla.

Royal Society: Remiro; Gorosabel, Aritz, Le Normand, Monreal, Merino, Guevara, Oyarzabal; Portu, Barrenetxea and Willian José.

Referee Díaz de Mera (Castellano-Manchego Committee).

Referee: Díaz de Mera (Castilian-Manchego).

Stadium: Martínez Valero.

David Silva returns to LaLiga 10 years and four months later

Elche coach Jorge Almirón cannot sit on the bench yet

Time: 18:30. 

Normality returned yesterday to the La Viña facilities. Ten days after losing in the visit to Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2-0), Girona put an end to the Christmas holidays yesterday morning to resume training. The routine returns and the competition returns with a double commitment against Sabadell and Lugo, in the Cup. The people of Girona will have five days to sweat the nougat and the “escudella” well before facing the derby against Sabadell next Monday in Montilivi . 


On at 20:53 CET


Girona transfers

Three days later, and on the same stage, Francisco’s team will face Lugo in a match in the second round of the Copa del Rey. The game against Sabadell can be key to start 2021 on the right foot and to see if the team is able to continue fighting for sixth place or loses its steam.

Girona, threatened by leaks

Ambitious goal: six out of six

A puzzle with multiple pieces in Girona

Against Sabadell, Girona will not be able to count on Juanpe and will surely not have Luna and Valery available yet. Nor will Bustos, who will serve the first of the two sanction matches as a result of the expulsion in the field of Tenerife. The forward no longer participated in the session with the team because he had to travel to Argentina.

Cornellà and Girona contacted the Generalitat de Catalunya to find out if it would allow them to have an audience in the matches they will play at home in the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey and the Girona club has already received a negative response.

Jan 14, 2021 at 18:23 CET


Cornellà sent a request to the Generalitat, with the Cornellà City Council as an interlocutor, so that spectators can enter the game that will face Barcelona at the Nou Municipal on January 21. At the moment he has not received a response from the public administration when sending it later than Girona.

"We ask that between 300 and 400 spectators allow us to enter", explained to EFE Álex Talavera, the president of the entity. The seating capacity of the Nou Municipal de Cornellà is 850.

Talavera said they want to be treated "as well as other sectors in which the public can enter, for example the theater, taking into account that football is also outdoors".

To carry out your request, the club has developed a protocol in which only access to the stadium would be allowed "to previously registered subscribers"informed the president of the entity.

In addition, Talavera explained that all viewers "They would be separated by a meter and a half apart, they should wear a mandatory mask, put on hydroalcoholic gel and pass a temperature control, among other sanitary measures".

Cornellà’s request to have an audience in its stadium also includes Second Division B matches. "It is an issue that we have already discussed with the Catalan Football Federation", said the president of the Verdiblanco club.

The Cup can return the public to the Second Division stadiums

For its part, Girona, who will face Cádiz on Saturday, asked the Generalitat if there could be an audience in this match in the same way as it did in the previous round of the Copa del Rey against Lugo, according to EFE. club sources.

Girona wants to be excited

The reaction of Cornellà and its president when paired with Barça

The Girona entity, which for months has developed a protocol with all the measures that would be applied if the public were allowed to enter the stadiums, is very understanding with the refusal of the Generalitat, taking into account current health restrictions.

The change of the year has brought Valery Fernández (and also his coach, Francisco), the gift they had been waiting for since in mid-November the side of L’Escala had to stop again due to a meniscus tear that led him to the operating room and in the hands of Dr. Ramon Cugat: return to group work with Girona and start discounting the days until reappearance.

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