6 methods for taking a look at university hookup tradition

Universities today are hotbeds of casual activity that is sexual claims Donna Freitas in a unique guide, the finish of Intercourse. Of course that seems sexy, well it really is sort of the contrary. Since the sleep of her title — How Hookup customs Is making a Generation Unhappy, Sexually Unfulfilled, and Confused About Intimacy — shows, Freitas does not think a lot of just exactly how university students now are evidently intimacy that is trading explicitly no-strings-attached intimate encounters.

It is not that Freitas is against university as an accepted spot for intimate experimentation, she claims into the Washington Post. But after eight many years of on-campus research, speaking to a lot more than 1,000 pupils, faculty users, and college administrators, the sexuality and religion scholar has concluded that hookup intercourse is really so commonplace as to feel very nearly obligatory, and therefore "can be just like oppressive as being a mandate for abstinence."

Whenever pupils are required to connect with many individuals, performing this becomes dutiful, not bold. Older tips of sexual exploration — be it same-sex encounters or one-night stands — have become an expectation that is basic. Washington Post

Not everybody will abide by Freitas, needless to say.