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Sara Negron, Artist and Information Creator, @miniti

Inform us the whole tale of one's household jewel. The foundation for many my children jewels is my mother, Elsa. Through the various phases of my entire life, I’ve shifted my passions, heading back and forth with what I’d borrow from her precious jewelry package: As kid, I became drawn to gold bangles and long, pearl necklaces, whilst in my teenagers we chosen chunky ’80s earrings. Now, in my own very very early 20s, we borrow from her assortment of choices whenever i would like a declaration piece, like these jewel-toned clip-ons. She desires me personally to acquire my items that are favorite her collection, but we believe it is more meaningful to borrow them. I’ll constantly think about them hers. It’s as though I’m including a little bit of her design, that is different from mine, to come with me during the day.