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CBD Oil in Georgia: New Laws and much more

Knowing the legislation.

Typically, Georgia happens to be one of many states that has a tendency to pop-up in discussion in terms of the worst places to reside for marijuana users. The state is still pretty stringent when it comes to all things cannabis while there has been some progress over the past few years.

Nonetheless, few people understand that Georgia has passed away new legislation regarding medical cannabis oil, which can be in reality legal under specific circumstances – as well as particular qualifying individuals.

In 2019, what can res >arrested for possessing/using it?

In this specific article, we discuss anything and anything you may want to know about low-THC CBD oil in Georgia – how exactly to possess it legally, how exactly to make use of it, and exactly what a few of your possible choices are as a patient — or if you want to have it shipped to your home without even possessing a medical cannabis license if you want to buy it.

CBD Oil in Georgia: A Short History

Back in 2015, Georgia Governor Nathan contract passed home Bill 1, otherwise referred to as Haleigh’s Hope Act. This permitted patients struggling with medical ailments such as for instance cancer, epilepsy and Parkinson’s infection (see below when it comes to full list) to own use of medicinal cannabis oil.

In addition to this, House Bill 1 also authorized universities to analyze CBD oil to observe it might fair as a treatment for seizure disorders in kiddies. The key one being that patients could only access cannabis oil that contained no more than 5% THC in true Georgia style, however, these new rules came with particular conditions.